Category: Retailers

GDW11-1We would like to introduce our new website for BIRDS BELLS, which will focus exclusively on our ceramic bells and wind-chimes. We have separated our bells from the main Bird’s Gallery website, with an aim to give them proper, specialised attention.

We would like to encourage our stockists to sell, promote and stock our bells. We have created links to our stockist’s locations and their websites. We will also be referring our mail orders to the nearest wholesalers, so we can help our stockists to get more clients and orders.

We would like our stockists to keep the BIRDS BELLS tags with our website details on all bells, so clients can read and know more about our brand. In this way we can help build each other’s businesses.

We are preparing the new PDF catalogue and Pricelist/Order form for you to download. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the Birds Bells website and email us  your request for the catalogue, which will be finished shortly.