BIRDS BELLS is an Australian business based in Melbourne since 2001. The founder of Birds Bells is Brigita Lastauskaite, who is a Lithuanian-born professional visual artist, based in Melbourne since 1998.

We’re passionate about sharing the magic of hand-made sound. Our bells are hand-crafted by us in Melbourne or in Lithuania with the help of our artisan friends, with whom we collaborate closely.
In Eastern Europe, bells were a big part of people’s lives. Church bells, bells attached to the necks of animals so they don’t get lost, as well as carved wooden bells used as musical instruments being just a few examples. Our ceramic Birds Bells & wind chimes come from traditional Lithuanian culture but are adapted to our contemporary lives. Birds Bells are very functional but are also beautiful decorations for one’s house, veranda, garden, car, and child’s space. Around Christmas time they make beautiful Christmas ornaments and can be hung on the Christmas tree, as well as simply decorating spaces around the home. We have a wide range of Angel, Santa, and Christmas tree bells as well as more classical conical-shaped bells with painted Christmas motifs.
The sound of each bell is unique-with a high or a low pitch depending on the firing temperature, the thickness of the clay, and the shape of the bell itself. We had some clients, who were musicians and they were fascinated to discover the musical octave while ringing our bells.
At Birds Bells we have over 100 unique bells designs, of which at least one is bound to suit you! Some bells are more traditional; others are more novel and contemporary, designed with a wild imagination. Our Ceramic bells would be a great gift idea for a House warming, Christening, Wedding or Engagement, Birthday, or simply as a Thank You present.

From the Studio

Our ceramic bells and wind chimes are designed and hand crafted by Birds Gallery studio artists.

Timeless Inspiration

Our craft works are influenced by centuries-old Lithuanian folk art, Australian flora & fauna and contemporary garden design.


We have over 100 unique bell designs, of which at least one is bound to resonate with you! Some bells are traditional, others novel and contemporary, designed with wild imagination.

Natural Materials

We use twigs, driftwood, timber, pebbles and other natural materials to string and finish our bells.


Each piece is carefully hand made from clay, using variety of pottery techniques such as hand building, wheel throwing and mould casting, glazing and firing in the kiln.

Made for Nature

All bells are fired at a high temperature, therefore they are waterproof and can be displayed indoors and outdoors.

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